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Experience the Antholz Valley: Nature Adventures

Immerse yourself into a world of discovery

Here, in our Blue Valley, waters freeze on icy glaciers, meander their way through rocks and valleys, rush down roaring waterfalls, stream along the riverbed and come to rest in picturesque mountain lakes. Discover the rare landscape of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park! How? Find it out together with us!

In a side valley of the Puster Valley

Our nature-loving Antholz Valley stretches east of Brunico to the Staller Sattel on the Austrian border.

A holiday in one of the most untouched valleys of South Tyrol is ideal for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and all those looking for peace and seclusion.

In the ANTHOLZ Valley you will discover much more than impressive peaks, lush green pastures, deep green spruce and pine forests and rustic mountain huts.